Privacy Matters

Oct 23, 2017 1:38:04 PM  |  by Laura Hees

There is so much data out there. It makes my head spin and want to put out more fake data to confuse and oh so I have.

Vendors are being pushier. When they use to ask, "Do you want to be a part of our program?" You had a choice of yes or no.

A long while ago I said yes to a Victoria Secret credit card and $10 pair of underwear where I never got the bill but it came up 2 years later when buying a house on a credit report. What? Okay that credit card yeah, I never got that bill or followed up and forgot about it.

Won’t do that again.

Now on check out it is very easy to click accept like you are saying yes to the total amount to pay rather than “yes” do a credit card or a special program. A sales girl the other day reached over and clicked “Yes” for me while she was explaining to me the $5 I could save as being a member. I explained to her that I don’t want to be a member and please unclick helpful clerk. She said she could not cancel without my email. She had my real email but I told her to replace with an alternative fake one so she could continue on with timely undoing of the membership including involving her sales manager that she had accepted for me.

Everyone wants to know everything. Not necessarily for harm, just for your data. Where to best place the goods, what kind of shopper are you? How can we be better to serve you?

Knowing where someone is 24 hours from now is nothing new. Following someone you can easily determine their patterns. Of course, this is exemplified with smart phones and location services etc.

The thing is that we have a choice as a company and a consumer.

Track for more info and better leads. You bet. But at what point are you violating people’s privacy, trust and respect. Just because they looked at your website or called in for a question does not mean anything deeper than what just happened. Move on and leave them alone. If people volunteer and ask for more info perfect! They got it! But if they did not ask for it, I’m not stalking or tracking because it is your choice to come back or not. Your choice. Like or don’t. Feels wrong to do it any other way.

Why do people post so much personal information? Why do people go to the same coffee shop every day at the same time? They like to see the same person each time they come in and feel at home when they know their drink? Order something else, go somewhere else. If your price was raised on your coffee drink would you not care because you are friends? They know your pattern, change it! Heck they know your name, you told them.

I don’t get people and not caring about privacy. I know many don’t. They think who cares but it all matters. All of it. More information is used to help influence decisions, help guide you turn left instead of right out of the coffee shop where they know your name. You said you liked dogs, right? Well here is your dog! Right here, so I know you will go here. Then here… follow the dog… then here, then bingo! You are doing what I want you to do!

No, no information, change your behaviors sometimes, go run around outside and get original unique thoughts and don’t always publish where you are going. Or give fake personal info so people can meet your fake self-there.

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