What Is Co-Managed SIEM Service?

10/16/19 12:00 PM  |  by RedLegg Blog

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While partnerships for pen testing and advisory services are crucial to the development of your security operations, your partnership with a SIEM service provider will provide the hub for all your daily security activity.

This is where co-managed SIEM service comes into play: bettering your internal teams and processes to get you moving toward your long-term goals.

Problems of SIEM

The security landscape is always changing, and high-level security architects are hard to come by. Products are helpful, but it is the mapping of the products, technology and organizing business politics, policies, compliance requirements, current teams, and objectives that matter.

With the shortage of skilled cybersecurity workers, the industry has seen...

  • heftier workloads on existing internal team members
  • inability to fully use technology and tools your team has invested in
  • a lack of true security experience among hired workers, and
  • a lack of alignment between business and security goals

If we add the issue of cybersecurity expenses, then you can see how organizations are at a bit of a crossroads.

But we're also seeing that a co-managed SIEM service may offer a way to establish your SOC, train or build up your internal team members , and provide the experience and expertise you need to manage and monitor your SIEM.

SIEM Solution: Co-Managed Service

In this new, free ebook "What Is Co-Managed SIEM," we explore various SIEM service options with particular focus on the value of the co-managed model. Whether you're looking into getting your SIEM up and running with a service provider or whether you've had frustrating experiences with service providers along the way, co-managed may be the better fit for your team.

We find co-managed SIEM service to be less of a service and more of a security partnership for those starting out or for those just looking for a bit of help with their current load.

Download the co-managed SIEM ebook to see how this model allows you to run your SOC with confidence 24x7 while also building up your internal team and allowing you to plan for your organization's future security.

Want to go beyond the basics?

Check out RedLegg's co-managed SIEM service or the effort difference between in-house and co-managed SIEM.

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