Lower your business's risk by finding (& fixing) your unique weaknesses.




Every business is different. A "cookie-cutter" approach scratches the surface.


Automated + manual methods for depth and breadth testing.

While some penetration testers rely on automated-only methods of finding your business's gaps, manual testing allows you to see what your attacker sees.

Nothing quite replaces human expertise and experience. 

Your attackers are human after-all. 








A robust methodology tailored to your organization.

Based on your assessment scope and particular business requirements, your network will be approached like a skilled attacker.

With a measurable, repeatable, proven process. 




Maximized technical results.

At the end of the day, you're looking to fix your gaps, reduce your exposure, and remain in compliance.

Technical details are prioritized and written in a way that everyone on your team can find value. So you can start remediating with confidence asap.













Icons__check-whiteCREST Certified


Icons-_Magnifying-Glass-WhiteTesting for compliance in all industries


Icons-_Alert-WhitePrioritized findings




Icons__check-whiteSOC II Certified

Icons-_Talking-Bubbles-WhiteFlexible testing notifications

Icons__lockgear-white Threat model created for your unique business




Get Peace Of Mind

Get another set of eyes.

No crowdsourced solution. No "throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks." You get a tried-and-true process.


From a trusted, expert penetration testing team.


Test your defenses.

What can your attacker access and exploit via your network? Find it first from a team who's on your side. And know where your top vulnerabilities lie.


With an attacker's perspective on your particular business.


Know your security posture.

Lower your risk and stay in compliance with a deep-dive into your wireless or hard-wired network, so you can inform your business's privacy and security roadmap.


Aligned to your industry's regulations.






Share the Penetration Testing service sheet with your team.




See an example of your deliverable.







Get the most out of your testing with reoccurring pen testing workshops & webinars.


Assessment Services Provided By RedLegg's TradeCraft Labs

Phil Grimes, Director of Assessments, uses his extensive knowledge of the digital world (and how to break it) to deliver comprehensive security assessments and penetration services. With hands-on experience dismantling systems and identifying weaknesses in application, physical, digital and mobile security, Phil is a valuable ally for domestic and global organizations. A sought after speaker, Phil has shared his expertise with OWASP and ISSA as well as at several security and technology conferences.

High-Quality Results.

Detailed Corrective Actions.

Testing that's unique to your business and your environment.

☑️ Senior tester assigned to your project

☑️ Flexible testing notifications

☑️ CREST Certified testing methodology, 7 steps & comprehensive

☑️ Test staffing model based on apprenticeship-style training

☑️ Options for progressive testing and block of hours

☑️ Available testing includes Internal/External, Wireless, Applications, Physical, and SCADA/ICS

☑️ A-la-carte testing

☑️ Includes vulnerability scanning and vulnerability assessment

☑️ Reporting that's easy to understand and ready to apply

☑️ Deliverables may include a Findings Database, Technical Remediation Spreadsheet, Attestation Letter, and an Executive Summary Report

☑️ Unique threat model created for your organization

☑️ Validated results

☑️ Option to re-test



Your penetration testers are ready.




Icons__crosshair-blueSimple scoping

Icons__Gear-Checkmark-BlueQuick onboarding

Icons-_Talking-Bubbles-BlueFlexible notifications





"During testing, RedLegg uncovered a serious vulnerability and immediately remediated the threat. Additionally, RedLegg delivered a penetration report, a vulnerability remediation spreadsheet, and a network enumeration report."



"RedLegg discovered many exceptional practices at our organization, including an established culture of due diligence."


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