Operating out of Illinois since 2008, RedLegg is a master provider of information security services. RedLegg is a boutique, nimble, old-fashioned customer service company that enjoys the technology battlefield. Knee-deep in the community, RedLegg enjoys crafting solutions designed to find, document, monitor, & eliminate the risks & vulnerabilities unique to your business. RedLegg's 24x7 Support Engineers are located all over the United States.

We are Soldiers –
Here to support, grow, and protect.



When you work with us, we’re in the trenches together. From consulting and advising, to proactively monitoring your assets, and even battle-testing our solutions, supporting you is at the heart of everything we do.


We know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution in cybersecurity. That’s why our team works to understand your business, values, assets and priorities as if they were our own. Once we get the lay of the land, we lead the charge and hold the line. We don’t just strategize and problem-solve, we collaborate, mediate and innovate to ensure we continue to deliver the solutions and skills your business needs to remain secure and successful.



RedLegg’s approach to cybersecurity consultancy is so unique, we had to name it ourselves. ARMEE (Assess, Remediate, Monitor, Educate, Enforce) applies a holistic, lifecycle approach to risk management.

Essentially – we get to know you, identify areas of risk and improvement, implement result-oriented solutions, monitor ongoing activity, and grow a long-lasting relationship.

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Ranked In The Top 50 Of MSSP Alert's 'Top 250 MSSP 


SOC II Certified

LogRhythm's 2019 Managed Services Partner of the Year



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Laura Hees of RedLegg Is One of CRN's 2020 Women of the Channel


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Lynn Weddle



Andrey Zelenskiy

Director of Advisory Services


Stew Williams

Director of Operations


JD Bacon

Director of Research and Security Services


Phil Grimes

Director of TradeCraft Labs


Michael Smith

Senior Manager of Technology Services


Jeannette Soto

Support Manager

In 2008, Lynn took his passion for the ever-changing world of cybersecurity and his 20+ years of industry experience and founded RedLegg. As Founder and Co-Partner, Lynn crafted RedLegg into the successful, honorable corporation and family of experts it is today.

A veteran of the Illinois National Guard, Lynn knows the value and power of a diligent, close-knit team and is proud to be at the helm of this one.

Andrey Zelenskiy holds a Masters in Electrical Engineering and has more than 15 years of InfoSec Management & Consulting experience working with Fortune 100 companies in Financial, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Legal and Packaged Consumer Goods Industries. Andrey has a wide range of intelligence and InfoSec talent and knowledge making him to be an outstanding vCISO and vDPO as well as a strong leader of the delivery services team. Andrey is professional and efficient. He also enjoys cooking.

A creative builder with experience at every level of operations, Stewart takes a customer-focused approach to deliver efficient, scalable, and lasting solutions. Stewart draws from his uniquely diverse background to innovate new tools and efficient processes to better serve both RedLegg’s customers and engineers.

From his work guiding RedLegg’s Managed Security Services and Operations to his free time spent woodworking and blacksmithing, Stewart knows the power of process.

From his Army career to his years of experience in cybersecurity, JD has dedicated his career to protecting and securing the vulnerable. Creator of RedLegg's Threat Intelligence Program, JD is passionate about innovating new technologies to help monitor, respond to, and avoid cyber threats. He particularly enjoys performing original threat intelligence research and catching the bad guys after an incident. When he’s not coding or writing playbooks, you can find him hosting a local music festival.

Phil uses his extensive knowledge of the digital world (and how to break it) to deliver comprehensive security assessments and penetration services. With hands-on experience dismantling systems and identifying weaknesses in application, physical, digital and mobile security, Phil is a valuable ally for domestic and global organizations. A sought after speaker, Phil has shared his expertise with OWASP and ISSA as well as at several security and technology conferences.

A proactive problem-solver and strong advocate for continued growth and education, Michael thrives in the complex and constantly changing landscape of cybersecurity. In his seasoned career in cybersecurity, Michael’s expertise has been enlisted across multiple verticals and challenges including strategic planning, policy development, governance, and vulnerability management.

Michael holds a Masters in Information Assurance and several certificates including his CISSP. He’s a proud board member of CircleCityCon, an information security conference he helped found.

Throughout her career, Jeannette’s priority and focus have always been on the team. She has experience supporting every department from the corner office to customer service. As a result, Jeannette is a well-rounded team player and team leader, adept at developing and guiding staff through the programs and portals needed to support or grow their department.

Jeannette holds a bachelor's in Business Management from Northwestern University.

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The term “redleg” (one g) was coined during the American Civil War and referred to the two-inch scarlet stripe that was sewn onto each pant leg of a Field Artillery soldier’s uniform.

Artillery soldiers, with a mission to “destroy, defeat, or disrupt the enemy with integrated fires,” were considered the elite back then because of the extent of casualties they inflicted on the battlefield. The Field Artillery killed the lion’s share of the enemy (about 75%), so they became known collectively as the King of Battle, distinguishing themselves again in both World Wars.

Redlegs were recently deployed as infantry during the Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan.

Lynn-Weddle-National-GuardLynn Weddle founded RedLegg in 2008. He served in the Field Artillery unit of the National Guard for most of his life, and “RedLeg” (one g) was a nickname and a password he often used (not anymore, of course). Growing up in a military family in the small town of Thayer, IL, Lynn spent his summers picking beans and hanging out with friends. He was always interested in finance, good with numbers, and loved adventures and taking risks. With a career in information data protection spanning over 20 years, he originally received his degree in finance from Southern Illinois University.


Icons__intelligence-redRedLegg’s strategy has always been focused on data protection, the direction determined by client security needs, desires, and industry trends. The company has shifted its hiring process to find expert leaders in security who have area-specific team leadership skills and who know how to implement their solutions, with the full support of RedLegg management behind them.


To see their initial vision become reality, the partners have always depended on their work ethic, open-mindedness, consistency, adaptability, amazing customers, and phenomenal co-workers.

  • Our mission is to improve every clients’ security posture by providing superior security services.
  • Our vision is to provide a balanced and holistic approach to assessing, building, and maintaining our clients’ security needs.

As a global partner in cybersecurity, we believe in continually evolving security practices and improving operational security services to provide our clients with an exceptional cybersecurity solution and experience.