vCISO Custom-Tailored Strategic Security Program 

vCISO Custom-Tailored Strategic Security Program

Data breaches. Privacy concerns. Regulatory compliance. All companies in today’s digital world face these issues. But while large enterprises may have the budget and resources necessary to tackle these concerns, many smaller-scale organizations lack the capability. Though existing personnel often handle operational security reasonably well, these organizations may lack the budget and resources to tackle security problems from a higher tactical and strategic perspective, or to meet regulatory requirements.

RedLegg’s CTSS program allows your company to leverage the expertise of an established security team without the time and investment required to hire those experts. From CISO-level strategic advice to operational expertise, our modular program allows an organization to acquire proficiency and experience in one or multiple areas of information assurance, helping you save on budget by filling gaps found within your existing staff. Instead of hiring a single area expert, such as a pen tester or analyst, your organization can rely on the experience and knowledge of our industry-recognized information security and IT management professionals.

Acting as your trusted advisor and partner , the RedLegg CTSS Program doesn’t simply sell you a service or product: we meet all of your security needs, allowing you to grow your business as you strive to reach the next level of information protection.

Included Services:

  • Current Security Posture Evaluation and Risk Assessment
  • Regulatory Compliance Assessment
  • Policy and Procedures Review & Development
  • Incident Response Plan Development and Execution
  • Security Awareness Program Implementation
  • Strategic Security Planning and Roadmap Development
  • Information Security Budgeting and Procurement Management
  • MSP Selection and Management

Your vCISO will have:

  • Over 10 years of CISO experience
  • Diverse consulting and management experience in a variety of corporate environments, including Fortune 100 enterprises (Telecom, Financial, Healthcare, Consumer Goods and Legal)
  • Up-to-date knowledge of Advanced Security and Threat Intelligence solutions
  • Successful planning and rapid deployment of Information Security & Disaster Recovery, network and endpoint Advanced Malware Protection, mobile device management, VPN, Unified Communication, messaging, and Data Storage & Replication projects on a national and international scale
  • Deep understanding and practical experience with information security requirements for Virtualized Datacenter and desktop environments, as well as Cloud services
  • Experience with technical architecture, system, and application platform standardization, and managing change in fast-growing environments.
  • Experience with addressing cultural, technical, and compliance challenges as a result of national and international mergers and acquisitions
  • Audit and compliance expertise as an assessor, trusted security advisor, and compliance manager
  • Experience with managing large organizations and project-based teams of full-time employees or consultants