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What you've always hoped your response would look like. And more.

See What's Possible With XSOAR







(Automation Developers provided.)



Get setup with a hosted Cortex XSOAR platform.

If you thought your team would invest in SOAR (much) later down the road, you might be able to rethink your timeline...

Deploy your automation platform instance. All at a fraction of the cost of purchasing and implementing your own SOAR platform.









Optimize your existing infrastructure.

Help each of your tools work together - EDR, SIEM, TIP, etc. Automate manual tasks. And view events from a single windowpane. (api involved = possibilities limitless)

So your information can be acted upon all in one place.






Build playbooks for your unique use cases.

Don't have an automation developer?

No problem.

With expert Automation Architects, you'll be able to prioritize, plan, and execute your unique automation projects. 













Standardize. Scale. Accelerate.

The platform is just the beginning.

Standardize your security policies and processes. Orchestrate your teams to work together. See your response accelerate.

Efficient, streamlined operations. So you can get the most out of your investments. Including your staff.










Shared access to your platform



Ranked Top 50 In MSSP Alert's

'Top 250 MSSPs Of 2020' List




SOC II Certified



8x5 email / phone support




Palo Alto Networks Automation Rising 2020 SOAR Hackathon Winner For "AWS Security Hub"




You're capable of much more



Quicker response times. Fewer manual tasks. So your team can focus on investigating, hunting, and solving problems.


Shave days, weeks off your response time. Lower your business risk.



Your tools. Your team. Your SOC. So you can create a security powerhouse.


See the full value of your investments as they work together to accomplish your goals.



Seamless, smooth, and streamlined. So your people, processes, and technology work together for the good of the business.


Grab a seat at the table and show your team's business impact with the data you need.






Share the Automation service sheet with your team.


Automation Services Provided By RedLegg's 96Bravo Team

JD Bacon, Manager of Threat and Incident ResearchFrom his Army career to his years of experience in cybersecurity, JD has dedicated his career to protecting and securing the vulnerable. Creator of RedLegg's Threat Intelligence Program, JD is passionate about innovating new technologies to help monitor, respond to, and avoid cyber threats. He particularly enjoys performing original threat intelligence research and catching the bad guys after an incident. His 96Bravo team performs RedLegg's MDR, Threat Intelligence, Incident Response & Forensics, and Automation services.




Icons__intelligence-redImagine what you could do with XSOAR...




Within Your Platform perform day-to-day tasks and manage your security from one command center.


Learn More

  • Hosted XSOAR Platform
  • Security Orchestration & Standardization
  • Collaborative Case & Investigation Management
  • Joint Use Case Development
  • Ingestion Across Multiple Sources
  • ~400 Pre-Built Integrations

Professional Services hours can help your security team grow and expand its efforts over time.


Learn More

  • Integrations & Enrichments
  • Client Specific Playbooks
  • Customized Dashboards & Reports
  • Deployment Services

Deployment, Development, & SecOps team experts will be with you every step of the playbook development lifecycle.


Learn More

  • Deploy & Customize Your SOAR Instance
  • Configure Integrations & Enrichments
  • Develop Use Cases
  • Create Playbooks
  • Customize Dashboards
  • Help Build IR Policies

Ready when you are.




Icons-_Tools-BlueAccess your hosted XSOAR platform

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