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Subject Matter Expertise


Insight: Gain insight into many of the risks faced within your enterprise by identifying vulnerabilities within the enterprise and detecting potential breach points for threat actors to exploit

Efficacy: Prioritize the biggest threats to the organization and strategically plan the necessary roadmap to safeguard your organization

Proactivity: Reduce the impact and likelihood of a successful breach and data exfiltration through testing of your organization

Subject Matter Expertise: Use senior level assessors from a trusted partner to enhance your defense strategy and underscore the current cyber threats faced within your vertical

Compliance: Show customers and stakeholders your commitment to securing and protecting their most valuable assets against various threat actors

TradeCraft Labs

Tradecraft Labs works close with you to determine if your organization’s external applications, web, mobile, and internal applications are secure. The TCL group is essentially the hard-core testing and assessment group, and also works cross-functionally with the other service teams.  

Secure Code Review

  • Application functionality review
  • Code verification
  • Findings report

Application Assessment

  • Network review and system testing
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Risk analysis / threat modeling

Mobile Application Assessment

  • Functional review
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Risk analysisScoping

Vulnerability Scanning

  • Discover potential vulnerabilities based upon the system’s security posture
  • Vulnerability scanning tool
  • In-scope IP addresses
  • Open ports and other security issues
  • Reporting:
    • Scanned host list
    • Port scan details
    • Vulnerability name and description
    • Solution/remediation information spreadsheet

Penetration Testing

  • Reconnaissance
  • Validation
  • Threat modeling
  • Exploitation
  • Findings review