Sneak Peek! The Monthly MSS Report.

12/12/19 2:00 PM  |  by RedLegg Blog

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We like to say, consistent communication provides peace of mind. The same should be said when it comes to your managed or co-managed security services.

The reporting phase, or even receiving a critical alert, shouldn't be the only time you hear about how things are going...

Not all security service partners communicate the same way or even in a way that ensures clear next steps and remedies.

RedLegg's monthly managed services report is just one tool we use to provide clear communication paths and to summarize the month's activity. It's a great way to track progress in operationalizing your SIEM.

So, what's a typical monthly, RedLegg managed security services report?

  1. Executive Summary
    1. Security Monitoring
    2. Managed SIEM
  2. Security Monitoring
    1. Summary
    2. Alerting Details
      1. Top Alarm Signatures
      2. Top Alerted Hosts
  3. Managed SIEM
    1. Deployment Status
    2. SIEM Volume
    3. SIEM Trends
    4. Operational Support
  4. Appendix A: Security Escalations
  5. Appendix B: Question Tickets
  6. Appendix C: SIEM Data Source Types
  7. Appendix D: Definitions

See how a co-managed security services partnership can add value to your cybersecurity team.

Request The MSS Sample Report

Not super interested in the MSS report? Check out our penetration testing sample reports instead! Or learn more about co-managed SIEM services.

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