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New Case Study: SIEM Service For Law Firms

12/5/19 2:00 PM  |  by RedLegg Blog

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When you're tasked with overseeing governance, risk management, compliance, and the firm's security technologies along with day-to-day operations, it makes sense that you might need a little help...

Read the case study to see how this law firm went from managing and monitoring their own cybersecurity to a future-minded security operations center.

If you're working in the legal industry, then you know, and your clients know, the value of protecting their data. Cybersecurity has quickly arrived at the crossroads of many companies' business and security goals.

In this case study, we cover...

  • The problem this law firm was facing.

  • Their business and security goals.

  • The RedLegg solution that worked for them.

  • The long-term benefits and results of the implemented solution.
  • Their newfound competitive advantage.

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Rather read more about SIEM? Get to know RedLegg's co-managed SIEM solution or read more about preventing burnout amongst your analysts.

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