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5/26/20 4:18 PM  |  by RedLegg Blog

In your efforts to fix, and be prepared for, everything, here's RedLegg's cyber news update, featuring the articles that caught the attention of our SMEs.

"New Year, New Shields: How Can You Prepare for the New York SHIELD Act?"

Gone into effect March 21, 2020, the New York SHIELD Act may affect your business.

Read an overview of safeguards for this Act.


"New NIST Privacy Framework Aims to Help Organizations Achieve Better Data Protection, Compliance With New Privacy Laws"

NIST Privacy Framework 1.0 is a new free, voluntary tool that could provide value for your organization.

Read more about this new framework.


"Legislators and Regulators Weigh in On Privacy and Data Security Protections for Healthcare Providers Amid COVID-19 Pandemic"

Senators are fighting for our friends in healthcare by suggesting ways CISA and Cyber Command can help provide protection. 

Read more about these industry-specific protections.


"Hackers hit A-list law firm of Lady Gaga, Drake and Madonna"

Not a gossip column, but a reminder that everyone's information privacy and protection is of highest priority as well as a reminder to review those defenses around your 'crown jewels.'

Get debriefed about this ransomware situation.


"CISA Alert (AA20-133A): Top 10 Routinely Exploited Vulnerabilities"

Prioritize your patching with this extensive list of common exploited vulnerabilities.

View the CISA Alert list.


"Windows 10 is getting DNS over HTTPS (DoH) support"

Online privacy is improving for the consumer. 

Read more from Windows 

Read more from Palo Alto Networks.

Read more from Cisco.


"Cisco, others, shine a light on VPN split-tunneling"

As we all continually adjust to working from home and the unknown, this idea could offer some relief.

Read more about VPN split-tunneling.


"Microsoft shares COVID-19 cyber-attack threat signature data"

Due to COVID-19 activity, Microsoft has created a free, open-source project.

Get the threat intelligence here.

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