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RedLegg Managed Security's New Automation Service

8/20/20 10:37 AM  |  by RedLegg Blog

Chicago, IL, August 20, 2020RedLegg announced today that they have replaced their home-grown automation and analysis platform with Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR; expanding their managed security practice to now include professional and managed automation services. 

For years, RedLegg’s Managed Security Practice has been progressive in their use of automation, and with the addition of Cortex XSOAR, they are now able to assist clients in accelerating investigation, escalation, remediation, and incident response activities. 

“We saw great need for automation services amongst our managed service clients. Most were looking for additional assistance around response; a lot were still learning about SOAR and how to properly leverage these types of platforms,” Lynn Weddle, RedLegg Co-Founder says. “Some of the biggest challenges in cybersecurity today is our ability to leverage existing investments, standardized enrichment, and response processes and then stitch it all together – automation certainly helps.”

Not only are customers seeing better investigation times and increased visibility, but customers are also seeing a shift in thinking. With an automation-first approach, it is an endless opportunity to improve their overall security posture. 

“We ask ourselves daily, how can we deliver a better service and how will it affect our clients; addressing the technical debt that comes with building a program around security automation is powerful,” Weddle says. “We want to help businesses realize the potential of automation. With additional hires, we’ve expanded our automation practice in preparation for increased demand.” 

Looking at 2021, RedLegg will be looking to hold an Automation Workshop to share best practices. To keep up-to-date on the latest from RedLegg, find them at


About RedLegg

RedLegg is an innovative, global security firm that delivers managed cybersecurity solutions and peace of mind. Our agile team of engineers has been serving and defending clients’ information since 2008. Chicago-based and veteran-owned, we are trusted, personable guides in this complex, ever-changing, high-stakes field. We lead with confidence and take pride in instilling the same confidence in our clients and partners. Our services revolve around Advisory; MSS including Threat Intelligence, IR & Forensics, and now Automation; and Assessments.



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*Updated October 16, 2020.

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