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11/15/19 9:21 AM  |  by RedLegg Blog

Watch The 'Better SIEM Questions' Webinar

Although vetting your potential SIEM service providers is an important task, for obvious reasons, we find that the process often doesn't go deep enough.

Watch the webinar to see if you're asking the best questions to help your security team down the road.

SIEM service is more than a service: it's partnership. To make sure you're getting the most value for the life of your contract, we've prepared some questions you can use to ask your potential SIEM partner.

In this presentation, we cover...

  • The Typical Questions You're Asking About SIEM

  • The Better Questions You Should Be Asking About SIEM

  • A technical perspective on what questions matter most as you compare providers

  • A CISO-level perspective on what questions need to be answered now before locking into a contract with a provider

Watch The 'Better SIEM Questions' Webinar




Lynn Weddle, Founder and Co-Partner. In 2008, Lynn took his passion for the ever-changing world of cybersecurity and his 20+ years of industry experience to found RedLegg. As Founder and Co-Partner, Lynn crafted RedLegg into the successful, honorable corporation and family of experts it is today. A veteran of the Illinois National Guard, Lynn knows the value and power of a diligent, close-knit team and is proud to be at the helm of this one.



JD Bacon, Manager of Threat and Incident Research. From his Army career to his years of experience in cybersecurity, JD has dedicated his career to protecting and securing the vulnerable. Co-creator of RedLegg's Analysis Platform, JD is particularly passionate about innovating new technologies to help monitor, respond to and avoid cyber threats. He is proud to put his proactive and creative problem solving skills to work for RedLegg and act as a subject matter expert for our QRadar SIEM customers.


Michael SmithSenior Manager of Technology Services. A proactive problem solver and strong advocate for continued growth and education. He thrives in the complex and constantly changing landscape of cybersecurity. In his seasoned career in cybersecurity, Michael’s expertise has been enlisted across multiple verticals and challenges including strategic planning, policy development, governance and vulnerability management. Michael holds a Masters in Information Assurance and several certificates including his CISSP. He’s a proud board member of CircleCityCon, an information security conference he helped found.

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