Happy Hour Club with RedLegg and Stealthbits, Food Pantry.

Happy Hour Club Raises Money For Chicago Community

5/11/20 10:52 AM  |  by RedLegg Blog

Thank you to everyone who registered and attended our latest Happy Hour Club meeting!

At our Happy Hour Club meeting on May 6th, we saw 21 registrations that helped us increase our gift to the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Each registration translated to a $10 donation from RedLegg and an equal match provided by our partner, Stealthbits, who helped us lead the event.

We were empowered to donate $420 on registrants' behalves! 

Happy Hour Club was truly a success, and we even saw increased attendance from April's virtual meeting. We're hoping Happy Hour Club becomes a place to help you build lasting relationships with like-minded colleagues in the security field. 

If you're not a member of our Happy Hour Club, join now to be informed about our upcoming meeting in June once the details are finalized.

Learn more about Happy Hour Club.

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