Your Simplified Guides to GDPR Compliance

Aug 6, 2019 8:00:00 AM  |  by RedLegg Blog

Access Your GDPR Resources

Arguably the most important change in data privacy regulation in the past 20 years, GDPR can be daunting, yet this regulation is not open to interpretation and has no formal certification.

Is your company protected from GDPR fines?

Our three resources provide an overview of GDPR requirements, simply stated, as well as how to establish your own compliance program.

The resources available for download are...

  1. GDPR 101 Guide
  2. GDPR Requirements Checklist
  3. The Guide to Establishing Your Own GDPR Compliance Program

GDPR is currently being enforced around the world. Is your organization prepared for a GDPR audit?

Access your free GDPR resources below, including RedLegg's GDPR service description, to begin preparing your organization!

Access Your GDPR Resources


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