From Report To Remediation: Acting On Your Vulnerability Scan Results

You've spent a valuable portion of your security budget on a vulnerability scan, but when all's said and done, how do you put those results to use efficiently?

Whether you're managing your organization's big picture security efforts or executing the technical details day-to-day, sharing and acting upon the results of your vulnerability scan is a solid team effort.

And once you get the results report in your hands, it's easy to become overwhelmed and anxious about the findings. But it's important to remember that operating on your results takes strategy... and time.

In this webinar, we cover...

  • Who should be involved in your remediation efforts
  • How to best read your report for clear understanding
  • How to act upon your results in the most effective way
  • How long you can expect remediation efforts to take
  • How your testing team partner can support your remediation efforts

Date: June 30th, 2pm CT

Join us for a valuable 45 minutes that will show you how to action your results in a way that realizes your full-investment and helps your technical team to better protect your business.

Bill-SquareWilliam Stoner, Senior Security Consultant with RedLegg's TradeCraft Labs, has over 30 years experience in IT with a majority dedicated to network, web, and mobile application security. As a graduate from The Ohio State University with a focus on linguistics and IT, Bill brings a unique background to cybersecurity and testing. He is passionate about learning new technologies and assisting customers in consistently bettering their security stances in an ever-changing world.


Jake Terry, Jr. Security Consultant with RedLegg’s TradeCraft Labs, has been working in tech since 2014, gaining experience in corporate security, best practices, and providing support for security devices to clients. OSCP certified, Jake has a unique perspective on common mistakes or misconfigurations that clients may come across. He enjoys devising novel ways to bypass security features and has begun learning about red team infrastructure and evasion.


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