Access Your Tabletop Exercise Scenarios.

And see how your team responds when an incident occurs.

Access a sample of three tabletop scenario options that you can use to practice your company’s Incident Response Plan effectiveness.

Can your team handle an incident? With these samples...

  • Conduct Your Own Tabletop Exercise

Use these scenarios to get an idea of how you can conduct Incident Response training for your teams. For the most effective exercise, tabletops can be conducted by an expert facilitator who streamlines communication and gets to know your specific business.

  • Customize For Your Specific Business

Begin training with these sample scenarios and see how they can be tailored to your organization. Training your team’s incident response through customized scenarios may be your next step. Look to a tabletop service to create custom, objective incident response tests.

  • Create Discussion with the Provided Questions

Each sample scenario includes discussion questions to gauge your team’s response effectiveness. Debriefing your tabletop exercise and team communications from a third-party point of view can help implement feedback, without the headache.

Get ahead of your incident and reveal your true response posture by downloading your free tabletop exercise samples!*


*We will only provide sample reports for those potentially interested in using the service. Thanks for your understanding!