Penetration Testing Sample Reports

EXAMPLES OF COMPREHENSIVE TESTING REPORTED IN A WAY everyone on your team, from c-level to analysts, can understand


What does your penetration test report look like after an engagement?

Depending on your test vendor, your reporting may be over complicated or drowning in too much detail (or not enough).

If you get your test results and you don't know how to take action next... that's a problem. You paid for information on those findings.

And your vendor could be doing more to guide you and your team in remediation.

See an example of a testing deliverable from a comprehensive test (manual + automated in applicable cases) broken down in a detail-oriented, actionable way.

And add to your vendor (re)search as you go find your long-term testing partner that will help you see change in your posture over time.

A few types of testing we can provide a sample report for, based on your upcoming projects:

  • Vulnerability Scan & Assessment
  • Network Penetration Test
  • External and Internal Penetration Test
  • Web/Mobile Application Assessment
  • Incident Readiness Assessment
  • Secure Code Review
  • Phishing/Vishing Awareness Campaign

What you'll see in the report:

  • Executive Summary
  • Assessment Overview
  • Severe Findings
  • Security Issues
  • Assessment Findings

Once you submit a request, a RedLegg team member will reach out to find what sample report best aligns with your testing project.

Add these sample reports to your vendor (re)search by requesting your copy now.*


*We will only provide sample reports for those potentially interested in using the service. Thanks for your understanding!

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