How To Use OWASP To Better Secure Your Application (Before A Tester or Attacker Gets Their hands on it)


Your business is preparing to launch a new application, and your team is tasked with ensuring its security.

And you know an unsecured app makes your business quite vulnerable.

There are of course community guidelines, established by OWASP, for app security specifically. But how should you (and your tester) practice the Top 10 and ASVS in the process? 

Phil Grimes, expert pen tester with years of security leadership in the community, gives his holistic best practices so that you can better secure your applications across the software development lifecycle.

Access the webinar now to hear Michael Smith, Senior Manager of Technology Services & Phil Grimes, Director of Assessments talk about the best ways to secure your applications with OWASP guidelines.

Phil-SquarePhil Grimes, Director of Assessments, uses his extensive knowledge of the digital world (and how to break it) to deliver comprehensive security assessments and penetration services. With hands-on experience dismantling systems and identifying weaknesses in application, physical, digital and mobile security, Phil is a valuable ally for domestic and global organizations. A sought after speaker, Phil has shared his expertise with OWASP and ISSA as well as at several security and technology conferences.

Michael-SquareMichael Smith, Senior Manager of Technology Services, is a proactive problem solver and strong advocate for continued growth and education. He thrives in the complex and constantly changing landscape of cybersecurity. In his seasoned career in cybersecurity, Michael’s expertise has been enlisted across multiple verticals and challenges including strategic planning, policy development, governance and vulnerability management. Michael holds a Masters in Information Assurance and several certificates including his CISSP. He’s a proud board member of CircleCityCon, an information security conference he helped found.

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