Have The Right Tools in place to handle An Incident

6 Questions To Help You Decide If MDR, SIEM, & An MSSP Are Right For You

Icons-07Learn the questions you need to ask in order to better assess the impact of using MDR and SIEM on your business. Once you get an MDR tool, what does it do? How can both of these security investments function together? What's the role of an MSSP?

In this webinar, hear...

  • 6 questions that can help you discover which tool suits best
  • An in-depth look at how MDR and SIEM aid Incident Response
  • A compare-contrast of both tools and their abilities within your environment

Watch now* to hear two of our experts give their take.

JD-BaconJD Bacon, Manager of Threat and Incident Research. From his Army career to his years of experience in cybersecurity, JD has dedicated his career to protecting and securing the vulnerable. Creator of RedLegg's Threat Intelligence Program, JD is passionate about innovating new technologies to help monitor, respond to, and avoid cyber threats. He particularly enjoys performing original threat intelligence research and catching the bad guys after an incident. When he’s not coding or writing playbooks, you can find him hosting a local music festival.

JP-GlabJohn Paul Glab, Senior Threat Researcher. With his expertise in digital forensics and incident response for large scale incidents, JP is often in the trenches. He supports and mentors RedLegg’s managed security team and leads incident response engagements to better help compromised clients tell their story. He has a degree in Information Assurance and Security from Illinois State University as well as certifications in incident handling (GCIH) and reverse engineering malware (GREM). When he’s not finding, chasing down, and kicking out hackers, JP spends his spare time on the couch with his wife and dog.

*These 43 minutes with JD and JP can also be enjoyed audio-only.

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