Empower your infrastructure to do more

Operationalize threat intelligence data, stop known attackers in your systems, & get ahead in your threat landscape.

Get Up-To-Date Intel




High-confidence data, diversified streams, & what you need to make it actionable.



Guide of what, where, how, why & how to install basic honeypot management box and a couple of honeypots on the internet.

Honeypot Guide



Get quality data.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket – Many threat intelligence feeds rely on open source or outdated data.

But with data from multiple feeds, including original threat research, the data you receive is guaranteed to be high-confidence, relevant, and recent.

Know that your data stream is well grounded.











Make your data actionable.

Once you buy a threat feed or subscription, you need someone to get that data into your systems. Because IOCs on their own, don't empower your SIEM or improve your security posture.

Your Threat Intelligence Service handles it all.

Feed. Ingestion. Rules. Tuning.






Stay ahead of threats.

Know a threat when you see its fingerprint and stop it in its tracks.

Whether at the data level or telling the story of a larger campaign at work, your RedLegg threat research team is ready to turn knowledge into action points for your specific business.














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Use data to better protect
your business


Stop known attackers in your systems.

Each attacker has a fingerprint. Use available data to identify known attackers in your system. And have your tools respond accordingly.


Stay up-to-date on your threat landscape.

You can be the first to know of threats affecting others in your landscape. Diversified data. High-confidence data. Relevant and timely.






Share the Threat Intelligence service sheet with your team.


Your True Intelligence Solution

Drilling-down to threats specific to your business.

☑️ RedLegg's Threat Intelligence Platform

☑️ Correlated customer attack data

☑️ Third-party premium threat intel feed

☑️ Original threat research from our honeypots, malware research, & threat hunting

☑️ High-confidence, up-to-date, and categorized data

☑️ Ala carte SOC-as-a-Service offerings with an MSSP who performs incident response, forensics, MDR, & automation

☑️ Creation, implementation, & tuning of new TI alarms and alerts

☑️ Installation of only those alarms and alerts necessary for your environment, creating a more reliable SIEM

☑️ Feeds updated, reviewed, & tuned every 24 hours

☑️ Your threat intelligence security team includes automation strategists, malware researchers, threat researchers, senior incident responders, senior forensic specialists, & threat analysts


Empower your SIEM.




Icons-_Tools-BlueIngest & action IOCs

Icons__check-blueHigh-confidence, relevant data

Icons__binocular-blue Original threat research