Know The Scope And The Story

Prepare. Contain. Mitigate. Recover. While minimizing business losses and future impacts.

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incident Support AT EVERY STAGE 

With open lines of communication. With people you trust.




Be ready.

And not just with a retainer.

Develop (and practice) your IR Plan with advisory expertise. Get breach coaching and "first responder" training for your team members. Conduct an Incident Readiness Assessment so you know you have the right tools in place.

Prepare with real-life tactics for a situation that affects real business outcomes.






















Contain the breach.

There's no time to waste. With a deep bench of technical experts, you can trust that your incident will be handled and investigated thoroughly. 

While minimizing business impact and losses.




Tell the story.

Know the who, what, when, where, and why of your business's incident occurred.

Get the technical play-by-play in a way that's easy to understand, communicate to others, and apply learnings from.

(While also fulfilling your compliance requirements.)



















Retainers & emergency support




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Automated response capabilities




MDR capabilities





In case of emergency.

Your solution provides an "all hands on deck" attitude.




With An Advisor prepare your team for a breach and better handle the aftermath of an investigation.


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  • Provide legal services / expert witness testimony
  • Develop IR process and plan
  • Provide breach coaching & First Responder training
  • Teach Response Philosophies
  • Teach Preservation of Electronically Stored Information (ESI)
  • Conduct an Incident Readiness Assessment

We Lead You in the investigation process, working with your security and IT operations team to respond to an incident.


Learn More

  • Technical analysis of your environment
  • Scale and analyze hosts
  • Investigate, document, and report findings
  • Implement remediation plans with your team

Tell The Story with forensic evidence to make your case and to improve your business's security.


Learn More

  • Network forensics
  • Host-based forensics
  • Dead box analysis tools
  • Enterprise-wide searching
  • Static analysis of artifacts
  • Malware samples & artifacts
  • Formal technical report
  • Know the Who, What, When, Where, Why, & How





Share the IR & Forensics service sheet with your team.


With you every step of the way


Take steps to prepare your team.

Don't wait until an incident to put that Incident Response Plan to practice. Coupled with advisory expertise, you can conduct a tabletop exercise and ensure 'first responders' on your team are trained.


With procedures that will better minimize loss.


Retain experts who 'have seen it all before.'

Every company is at risk of experiencing a breach, but once you're in the thick of it, will you be ready to dive in? Hire experts you trust ahead of time who can keep calm and get the work done.


So you can contain and mitigate quickly.


Tell the story of the incident in a way that prompts change.

Every incident tells a story (and should be documented for compliance). But you can also make your case for new tools and services that will better secure the company.


With actionable next steps and reporting in ways everyone on your team can understand.


When you need an expert in the trenches.




Icons-_Tools-BlueAutomated response & MDR capabilities

Icons__Gear-Checkmark-BlueRemote service delivery

Icons-_Alert-BlueAt any stage of an incident






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