Managed Security Services

For a Financial Company

Managed Security Services

This successful financial company was growing at a rapid rate, with a lean IT staff and 54 independently managed locations. The company engaged RedLegg to provide a cost-effective way to monitor cybersecurity across the enterprise.

RedLegg provided tool recommendations and advisory services for 24x7 tuning, updating, and monitoring of the enterprise threat landscape, including:

  • Unified Threat Management – health, availability, and firewall
  • SIEM Management – daily events, alerting, ticketing, and investigation
  • Threat Defense – analysis, tuning, and reporting

With vigorous monitoring in place, a threat found after hours was immediately escalated to company contacts and captured in reports for incident response and adjustments to IT infrastructure.

Visibility to these threats and protecting data in accordance with regulations across a growing business is critical to maintaining robust, streamlined operations. RedLegg advises and assists with locking down endpoints and user rights, placing security controls at the most effective points, training on security best practices, and increasing threat and log monitoring. With RedLegg Managed Security Service, this financial company improved its cybersecurity posture and quickly acquired the confidence required to provide consistently secure services and transactions for its customers.