Digital Strategic Security Services.

For a Manufacturing Company

Digital Strategic Security Services

A manufacturer of wood products was implementing a major merger across multiple hardware, software, and application systems to accommodate an aggressive timeline. In order to meet both business and security requirements, this company hired RedLegg Digital Strategic Security Services.

Network enumeration, a vulnerability assessment, and threat intelligence analysis was performed across systems and networks.

The following risks were immediately identified:

  • Risk 1 – Use of Windows ME, Windows 2000 and many other old versions of software on multiple machines of the new company
  • Risk 2 – Lack of network segmentation
  • Risk 3 – Highly vulnerable storage arrays with easy access to external exposure

RedLegg assisted with remediation and provided a robust strategic security plan for future updates and system merges.

At RedLegg’s recommendation, two part-time cybersecurity engineers with a variety of deep skill sets were added to the company’s IT staff to isolate, upgrade, patch and segment.

The identified security risks were then fixed by the IT team before connecting all network components together and finalizing the topology.

Similar to vCISO, RedLegg Digital Strategic Security Services provides security tool, engineering, documentation, and executive advisory services to meet critical cybersecurity needs in the small-to-medium sized business space.