Application Security

For a Manufacturing Company

Application Security

This company, a leader in the food manufacturing industry, deploys over 500 web applications, which function similarly to desktop software or other local applications but also require communication between the client and the company servers. To ensure secure access across all deployed applications and users, the company engaged RedLegg Application Security.

As an initial evaluation, RedLegg developed a root cause analysis for each application to determine whether people, policy, procedure, development tools, or architectural choices were impacting server or end-user security.

  • To address current security issues, RedLegg performed a triage evaluation of critical issues.
  • Immediate fixes were provided for all sites based on the triage.
  • RedLegg developed and demonstrated a tailored attack chain that targeted less secure or unsecured elements in each application.

The attack demonstration enabled this company to update affected code with the development team, train on application security best practices, and move each application into development on schedule.

RedLegg Application Security testing includes multiple types of applications including web, mobile, and custom, and is often combined with a secure code review to address issues occurring at the back end.