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Free e-Guide: Will Your Incident Response Plan Pass the Test?

7/29/19 8:00 AM  |  by RedLegg Blog

Download The Tabletop Exercise Guide

You’ve heard it before: for most organizations, it’s not a matter of if they will be a target of a cyber attack—it’s a matter of when.

Will your company be prepared when the time comes?

Tabletop exercises can give you greater peace of mind that a crisis will be handled in a clear, efficient way and that you’ve exercised a recovery plan.

If you’re wondering whether you and your team can handle an incident, the tabletop exercise will confirm your confidence and give you clear areas for improvement.

The RedLegg Tabletop Exercise ebook will walk you through pretty much everything you need to know in order to get started with this incident response activity. This ebook covers…

    1. An Introduction to the Incident Preparedness Problem
    2. Incident Response Planning
    3. What Is a Tabletop Exercise?
    4. Tabletop Exercise Benefits and Outcomes
    5. Approaching Your Tabletop Exercise
    6. Tabletop Exercise Flow
    7. RedLegg’s Tabletop Exercise Process

Download your free guide to Incident Response Tabletop Exercises below!

Download The Tabletop Exercise Guide


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