Just Arrived: 9 Pen Testing Sample Reports

8/7/19 8:00 AM  |  by RedLegg Blog

Review RedLegg's Sample Reports

The reporting phase may be the most critical part of your penetration test...

Does your pen testing report better protect your company from a breach?

Not all pen test vendors treat a pen test the same way. Many pen test vendors come with hidden costs and risks, offering low-quality reporting that's either crowdsourced or only completed with automatic scanning.

RedLegg's pen testing reports don’t rely on automated procedures and generic reports. To improve your security posture and provide the best possible defense for your network, we offer...

  • A comprehensive combination of manual and technical processes to deeply test your network’s specific vulnerabilities
  • A detailed report explaining what we found, why those results are important, and the remediations we recommend
  • A dedicated RedLegg consultant to keep you updated and informed throughout your engagement

Your report details your threat risks and shows you what you need to do to improve your security. The report will show you exactly which attack surfaces were discovered, tactics attackers might use to gain access, and the damage that can be done. It should also list tactics that you can deploy to resolve these vulnerabilities and fix security holes.

The sample reports available for download are...

  1. External and Internal Penetration Test
  2. External and Internal Penetration Test, Executive Summary
  3. Incident Readiness Assessment
  4. Secure Code Review
  5. Network Penetration Test
  6. Vulnerability Assessment
  7. Web Application Assessment
  8. Mobile Application Assessment
  9. Vulnerability Notifications

Is your organization receiving top-of-the-line reporting?

Access your free pen testing sample reports below to better clarify your pen testing needs!

Review RedLegg's Sample Reports

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