Why you shouldn't be managing your own SIEM

Aug 6, 2018 3:45:13 PM  |  by RedLegg Blog

As IT continues to grow more complex, managing security through Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) continues to become more important. Threat detection, operational support, and compliance all become more manageable with coordinated SIEM.

But should you try to handle SIEM yourself? Many companies try to, but they often end up lagging behind current tech — and even missing current threats — when they do. For most businesses, outsourcing SIEM is the right choice for many reasons.

Reduced Risk

When you don't have the internal resources to focus on SIEM — or when your IT people don't have the time or the requisite skills to handle it properly — you raise the risk of succumbing to external threats significantly. You want to make sure that the outsourced provider you're working with practices physical security, redundancy, proper vetting of staff, and other security measures. But the skills a dedicated SIEM firm brings to the table reduces your internal risk.

Reduced Cost

The targeted skills of an SIEM expert tend to command a fairly high salary. If your IT security budget can accommodate the costs of a team of security experts who are completely up to date with the latest in the industry, then keeping SIEM in-house probably makes sense. Most companies cannot afford this, however, and need to outsource. When you outsource SIEM, you give yourself access to top-flight talent while staying within your IT budget.

Access to Top Talent

Trained SIEM professionals are in short supply these days. Even if you're willing to spend the money, you may still end up short on the skills and training you need to provide your company with top-flight security. When you outsource to a managed security service provider, you can tap into the security talent you need on demand.

Up-to-Date Threat Intelligence

The goal of SIEM is to defend your IT infrastructure 24/7. That means detecting and responding to threats in real time — threats that are in constant motion, changing from day to day. Your internal IT department has a lot on its hands already, and chances are, they're not fully updated on the most recent threats. By outsourcing SIEM, you connect with experts who have up-to-the-minute information on security threats and weaknesses.

Ability to Focus Wisely

Security isn't the focus of your business operations. When you get derailed to juggle the day-to-day of security operations, you're taking time and energy away from your core business. Outsourcing SIEM allows you to invest your time wisely by limiting your involvement with security and focusing on strategy issues, while someone with the needed expertise handles the actual security operations.

This is only the beginning of a much longer list of benefits you get from outsourcing SIEM. (Think about: Scalability. Better return on your investment. Minimized RedLegg, we’ve got SIEM covered, and we're always happy to talk. Call us to talk with an expert and see how we can help.

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