2/26/18 12:59 PM  |  by Phil Grimes

This week we want to talk a little about encryption. Implementing encryption can help keep data protected from the prying eyes of unauthorized parties, both in transit and at rest. Encryption is a hot topic these days, and it's important to note that with as many high profile hacks as we've seen over recent history, encryption can offer another layer to the security program of any given system. Here are a few easy ways to implement better encryption:

Encrypt your passwords in a password manager

Not only to password managers offer protection against things like password reuse or password aging, they will also encrypt the passwords. But don't share that master password as anyone with it can gain access.

Encrypt data at rest

Implement tools like Bitlocker or VeraCrypt to encrypt data stored on your hard drive. While full disk encryption is a good basic step to protecting yourself, consider going a step further and creating encrypted containers that isolate sensitive data from themselves and from unprotected or unauthorized access.

Encrypt data in motion

Not every website you browse to uses secure transport mechanisms. Add the "HTTPS Everywhere" add-on to your browser to ensure you're at least aware when sites leave you vulnerable to prying eyes.

Search privately with DuckDuckGo!

While Googleis a great search engine, they are also an advertiser first. Google profits significantly from ad revenue collected from organizations who target you based upon data collected by Google. DuckDuckGo does not track you, or your searches, and also offers a way to retrieve encrypted google results.

Implement multi-factor authentication

This is a big one. The team sees bad passwords lead to failure quite often. Sadly, many password related attacks can be stopped with the simple addition of MFA. At this point most services offer this option but frankly if they don't, are you sure you want to use that service? MFA offers an encrypted token that changes often to add an extra layer of protection to the authentication process when interacting with sensitive services.

Keeping your data safe online is a challenge. Make yourself a harder target with simple steps like these!

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