Human Intelligence Reigns Supreme

Jan 10, 2018 12:54:13 PM  |  by Jack Petras

Artificial Intelligence (AI) remains a highly polarizing topic that individuals either support, or reject. As we move into the future, AI is most certainly not going away. However, AI in its current state is highly misunderstood, and its capabilities of overthrowing humanity like an episode of Black Mirror is not a realistic possibility.

As we move forward into the new year, AI is at the forefront of IT Security news. Both hackers and information officers understand the role AI is going to play in cybersecurity moving forward. Like a video game, cybersecurity battles more and more will be fought computer vs. computer, rather than human vs. human. Although, the human element in all of this cannot be ignored. AI today is miles away from what it appears to be in any movie. It requires constant human interaction to maintain, fix, and monitor its systems.

Technology has consistently been given a misrepresentation in the news for taking away jobs from humans, but over time we have simply seen this is not the case. This view is extremely prevalent in the world of AI. As companies look to grow their AI departments, tens of thousands of jobs are being created annually. This is because at the very core of AI, is in fact, human intelligence. The way AI grows and adapts in terms of intelligence is reliant on the inputs and coding from its human creators. AI algorithms are only as effective as the examples manually inputted that it needs to detect or flag.

As AI continues to grow both intellectually and in terms of capabilities, expect it to take an active role increasing employee productivity. Imagine a lawyer being able to sift through thousands of documents to look for specific judicial precedence on a case in seconds, or an accountant able to sift through thousands of pages of tax law to help a client lower their tax liability. It would send efficiency through the roof in these businesses and allow them to help even more clients.

The big move firms look to make with AI this year is taking the step forward from experimenting with the technology to being able to implement it into everyday practices. Humans will play a pivotal role in making AI become a driving force in the modern workplace. AI may be quicker at sifting through infinite amounts of data, but the human touch is one that will continue to hold value. Human code will help AI improve drastically over the next year, and help allow the technology mold to benefit the company on a firm by firm basis. Don’t be afraid! AI and humans will be able to coexist peacefully and help make our businesses more profitable and efficient!

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