IT Security Trends for 2018 and beyond

Dec 29, 2017 12:45:10 PM  |  by Jack Petras

The beginning of every new year provides the opportunity for a fresh start and a new set of things to look forward to. Here are the important trends in cybersecurity as we begin 2018!

AI will begin to play more of an active role in cybersecurity maintenance. We will see this growth in AI on both sides of the cybersecurity spectrum as both attackers, and cybersecurity firms divulge deeper into the technology to gain further knowledge. One of AI’s greatest possible strengths to IT security teams moving forward would be its ability to detect your account activity in comparison to your past account activity. It would be able to in real-time decipher whether the user on the account currently is you or a hacker.

Will become the name of the game post WannaCry ransomware attack era. This includes the need for more consistent application testing. The best way to make sure your current security framework is up-to-date is through consistent testing and maintenance to your current cybersecurity framework. As we move into the future, prevention, not protection is becoming the name of the game.

Fees will continue their exponential climb over the coming years. Reports estimate that ransomware demands will exceed 5 billion in 2017 alone, and climb to over 11 billion by 2019. This will most likely result in the need and continued growth towards cyber insurance policies. As insurance companies continue to collect data and can better value it’s worth, expect to see insurance companies enter the fold to help protect firms from losses due to cyber-attacks.

Expect to see the cybercurrency craze enter the world of cyber security. We have already seen hackers demand cryptocurrency as payments during attacks, however, expect to see cryptocurrencies become the focal point of such attacks. Many businesses in Europe have even begun to stockpile cryptocurrency in case they do become victim to a cyber-attack and need to have it on hand to pay off the ransom.

The continued growth and financial importance of cybersecurity. Forecasts predict that damages due to cybercrimes will eclipse a total cost of 6 trillion dollars by the year 2021. With spending to prevent cybercrimes to shatter the 1 trillion-dollar threshold over the next 4-year period. With the continued exponential growth in terms of cybercrime, now is the time to make sure you have your data properly secured and protected before it’s too late.

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