RedLegg Anniversary!

Aug 23, 2017 1:32:37 PM  |  by Laura Hees

This is an exciting time for RedLegg. August 2017 marks our 9-year anniversary with our first RedLegg sales order placed August 23, 2008. RedLegg has grown from an infrastructure data protection company to a 24x7 Managed Security Services company, alerting and tuning to help keep company's data safe.

GLW Specialty
GLW (Galen Lynn Weddle) started first from a couple other ideas. These companies we could likely write a small book about. Overall these experiences helped create RedLegg.

The vision and direction of RedLegg has always been guided by our customers. Only want a product and a service that companies need and will make a difference. Understanding businesses' and their CIO's, IT Directors and IT Managers and what is needed for them to be more secure.

What matters is the experience. We make sure that we know all of our clients. Each decision is made around how can we make the client experience better.

Thank you
RedLegg staff who help client's day and night even though majority of your tasks you accomplish are not on your job description. You are continually taking support to the next level, doing what is best for clients and the company.

RedLegg customers who truly believe in us and continually purchase and support us. We will always be there for you.

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