Is a degree in IT right for you?

Aug 8, 2017 1:31:40 PM  |  by Jack Petras

Since November, we have witnessed a spike in stock prices across markets in the U.S. Leading this surge in prices you will find the technology services industry. Gains like this can be seen across the industry as all kinds of businesses realize the importance of protecting their data and thus the high demand for information security firms. However, while information security firms are growing and looking to hire, the number of applicants is not.

Bureau Of Labor
Statistics expect the cyber-security field to grow at a rate of 18% through the year 2017. Reports of job openings in the United States has reached numbers as large as 350,000 positions. Also, reports have put the unemployment rate for IT jobs at 0% or even below 0%. The FBI alone was looking to add 6,000 jobs in 2016. Nonetheless, all the high demand does not mean low salaries. Typically, we see jobs such as teaching where demand for teachers is high, yet salaries are low. However, with cyber-security we have seen a trend where both demand and salary continue to increase year after year.

Another Perk
Of working within the cyber-security industry is the flexibility of geographic location that you can work in. Contrary to popular belief, the top medium cyber security salary is actually in Minneapolis, MN not Silicon Valley. Other industry leading cities include Denver, Seattle, San Francisco, Dallas and Chicago. Not only can yo work in almost any city you want in America, but often firms will allow you to work from the comfort of your own home. As where ever you can be connected to the internet with a company machine you can be plugged in and working. Imagine the possibility of stopping a ransomware attack from affecting a company, all while sitting at home in your pajamas!

Although it may seem hard to believe
A career in cyber-security is a career that can lead to the fulfillment of helping people. Cyber-security professionals may not get the press or notoriety that doctors and lawyers do in serving their constituents. However, working to help companies protect their data from hackers is helping keep people’s personal lives safe. People in the cyber-security business know that they are properly doing their jobs when they’re simply receiving no attention at all because that means citizens are trusting their data in safe hands.

Because hackers never sleep
IT cyber security jobs provide job seekers with flexible hours, flexible geographic locations and a highly demanded position in today’s current marketplace. Unhappy with your current vocation? Consider a career in cyber-security!

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