Build your OWN SOC with Co-Managed Security Services

May 2, 2017 11:24:48 AM  |  by Laura Hees

There does not need to be a choice about having an on premise SOC or outsourced MSSP. A Co-Managed Security Services provider can help build or fill in gaps of your current environment.

Manages tasks such as event management, account administration, investigation and forensics. These tasks need to be in real time with real response and not just an offline log review.

On Premise
Co-Managed Security Services takes over these tasks with a shortened onboarding cycle than hiring and training and staffing full time initially. With Co-Managed Security Services, all data resides ON SITE of the client not the Managed Services Company. The Co-Managed Security Services Company VPN’s in, builds scripts, creates reports, aggregates data, tunes and coordinates responses all on clients on premise solution.

Build and Accomplish Tasks!
This is great because teams can accomplish tasks, learn and leverage skill sets from the Co-Managed Security Services Company all while building own operations.

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