How An International Law Firm Built Their SOC

When you oversee governance, risk management and compliance, as well as your firm's security technologies and day-to-day operations, you might a need a little help from a security partner.

As an information security leader in your industry, you're balancing many spinning plates, and without a SIEM or a team to monitor network activity, building a SOC from the ground up may seem nearly impossible...

Until co-managed security services are obtained.

Co-managed SIEM, specifically, gave this security leader the talent, the visibility, and the solid foundation he needed to protect the law-firm's client data.

Not only did he meet the firm's security goals but he ensured that business goals could be met as well.

In this case study, we cover...

  • The problem this security leader was facing
  • The firm's security and business goals
  • The RedLegg solution
  • The benefits this leader saw in his day-to-day and long-term planning
  • Where the firm is headed in future security endeavors

Read the story and see if co-managed solutions are a good fit for your current team situation.

Read Their Story

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