How An Insurance Giant Found Visibility With Co-Managed SIEM

When you don't have 100% access to your own systems and have limited ingestion, a co-managed SIEM service model might be the solution that opens new doors for your team.

You're a security leader on your team; yet, it often feels like you're not giving your team all the tools they need to succeed. You're in the dark. And your rich customer data... is on the line.

From one managed SIEM vendor to a co-managed SIEM service partner, this security leader went from a one-eyed cyclops to a giant with full visibility. 

A co-managed SIEM partnership gave this security leader the ability to adapt to growing business needs, ultimately allowing her a seat at the company's decision table.

Not only was co-managed SIEM a key security solution but it quickly became the key to their business's success.

In this case study, we cover...

  • The problem this security leader was facing
  • The firm's security and business goals
  • The RedLegg solution
  • The benefits this leader saw for her team
  • Where the firm is headed in future security endeavors

Read the story and see if co-managed solutions are a good fit for your current team's situation.

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