Network Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing Assessment Methodology

The RedLegg methodology for conducting Penetration Testing is based on a proven track record of providing high-quality results and detailed corrective actions that can help lower the overall risk of the tested environment. Each engagement, however, is a specialized event unique to each client.

RedLegg has developed a robust assessment methodology that maximizes technical results while minimizing the impact to the testing environment. Although this methodology has been customized, it is based on proven industry best practices from the Open Source Security Testing Methodology (OSSTM), the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), and the Penetration Execution Standards (PTES).

Benefits of a Penetration Testing engagement performed by RedLegg include:


Gain insight into many of the risks faced within your enterprise by identifying shortcomings in your existing security program.


Prioritize the biggest threats to the organization and strategically plan the necessary roadmap to safeguard your organization.


Reduce the impact and likelihood of a successful breach and data exfiltration through testing and securing of your organization.


Show customers and stakeholders your commitment to securing and protecting the most valuable assets against various threat actors.