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November 17, 2023 | 12:00 pm (ET)

Learn how you can improve your enterprise’s hybrid IT security posture and enhance your analyst experience with a cloud-native SIEM platform

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Discover the power of LogRhythm Axon, a cloud-native SIEM platform designed to simplify your security operations. LogRhythm Axon is a cloud-native SaaS platform that helps security analysts focus on what matters by providing automated visibility into cloud and on-prem environments to easily identify, analyze, and report on potential threats.

We will cover:

What is Axon?
Explore the core features of LogRhythm Axon and its cloud-native architecture.
Cloud to Cloud
Delve into advanced security measures for cloud environments, ensuring seamless collection and monitoring.
Parsing Engine Insights
Understand the intricate details of Axon's parsing engine, optimizing data analysis for actionable insights.
Building Effective Rules
Learn the art of crafting powerful rules tailored to your organization's unique cybersecurity needs.
Simplified Incident Response
Explore how Axon streamlines incident response, enabling your team to act swiftly and efficiently.
Comprehensive Threat Detection
Uncover the secrets behind Axon's robust threat detection capabilities, minimizing response time and maximizing security.

Key takeaways:

  • Flexible Cloud-Native SaaS Platform: Easily scale as your business grows
  • Security Analytics: Leverage automated detections for security use cases and out-of-the-box content mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework
  • Automatic Log Collection and Enrichment: Simply onboard and manage on-prem and cloud log sources for maximum visibility
  • Enhanced Analyst Experience: Spend more time investigating threats versus configuring the platform
  • Save Time: Axon's cloud-native architecture removes infrastructure hassles, letting you focus on security priorities.
  • Gain Comprehensive Visibility: Seamlessly collect data from diverse sources, ensuring a centralized, unified console.
  • Swift Threat Identification: Enhance your monitoring, detection, investigation, and response capabilities with Axon's intuitive tools.
  • Execute Seamlessly: Surface critical threats with Axon's powerful analytics and simplified incident response tools.

Your Hosts

Christian Martinez
Christian Martinez
Security Solutions Manager at RedLegg
A highly analytical and multi-skilled IT Professional with over 10 years of relative IT experience with the last 8 years in Cyber Security. He is well versed in SIEM technologies with the most prevalent being LogRhythm.
Matt WillemsMatt Willems
Product Manager at LogRhythm
Matt Willems is a Product Manager at LogRhythm, specializing in the LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform UX, security analytics, and SOAR. With a background in network administration, Matt joined the LogRhythm Labs team in 2012 as an engineer focused on Machine Data Intelligence Fabric (MDIF) and threat research, where he started LogRhythm’s Analytics Co-Pilot Service, before moving into product management and helping to position LogRhythm’s products to solve the unique needs of customers and support LogRhythm’s mission of innovation. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from the University of Kansas.

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