What Is Co-Managed SIEM? eBook And Service Model Guide

This lesser known SIEM management and monitoring style may just be the better fit for your business.

Choosing a fully-managed SIEM service can come with its own woes, but co-managed SIEM, when handled correctly, can empower your internal team to succeed.

What does it all boil down to? Personalized security unique to your business and open lines of communication.

See clearly, hear clearly, take back the reins.

Get to know how this management and monitoring model works in this extensive ebook...

  • Managed SIEM Options
  • Why Co-Managed SIEM
  • Co-Managed SIEM Tools
  • Co-Managed SIEM Features
  • Common SIEM Management Features
  • Common SIEM Monitoring Features
  • How Is SIEM Co-Managed?
  • Co-Managed Service Team Staffing

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