UTM Management

For a Law Firm

UTM Management


A law firm with over 20 locations, each with its own firewall, found it difficult to manage those firewalls while staying abreast of the ever-increasing number of threats. Although the firm was staffed with knowledgeable engineers, they engaged RedLegg UTM Managed Security Services (MSS) to update, manage, and monitor the 20 firewalls.

In less than two weeks, All of the firewalls were patched with the latest security updates, centrally managed, and monitored. Virus protection was installed and continuous system availability was ensured. Unauthorized users were prevented from entering the network through any one of the locations.

Unified threat management (UTM) devices are traditional firewalls that include additional security features:

  • Network intrusion prevention
  • Gateway antivirus
  • Gateway anti-spam
  • VPN
  • Content filtering
  • Load balancing
  • Data loss prevention (DLP) and
  • Data collection with reporting.

As such, UTM devices require ongoing maintenance and monitoring. RedLegg’s 24x7 MSS team can help your organization configure, update, and manage firewalls, increasing the availability of your valuable human resources.