Perils of Password Reuse

Apr 4, 2018 2:01:28 PM  |  by Phil Grimes

In 2017 there were nearly 150 million user accounts exposed in security breaches, an astounding number! Research indicates that 99% of these compromised user accounts implemented password reuse, using the same password for other accounts elsewhere on the internet. Password reuse puts personal data and accounts at risk but also company or corporate data and accounts at risk. Fortunately, there is an easy remedy to this glaring security issue.

Education of end users and account holders is key to mitigating the password reuse. People simply don’t think about the risk associated with something so simple. Never reuse passwords between any accounts, personal or corporate. A great way of creating and coming up with complex password is using as passphrases. Using pass phrases in combination with two-factor authentication whenever possible and a strong corporate password policy. Alongside a password manager these simple steps will ensure solid password management and prevent password reuse.

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