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Virtual Tape Library

Bottom Line Impact


  • Eliminates tape movement that slows backup
  • Attaches to physical tape library to export physical tapes when needed
  • Enables accelerated backup


  • Allows for longer storage and less storage space
  • Improves efficiency with offsite replication, using less wide area network (WAN) bandwidth
  • Allows for exponential growth in data
  • Eliminates physical tape storage space and underutilized per-disc space


  • Reduces administration costs for backup monitoring and management
  • Eliminates physcial tape expenses

RedLegg's virtual tape solutions abstract data from physical disks while appearing like disks to the server, an important quality when dealing with older programs and data. Virtual tape libraries allow you to seamlessly transition from disks to tape for cost, performance and capacity savings.

RedLegg's virtual tape libraries reduce or eliminate the visible and invisible costs associated with disk hardware, physical storage space and tech operators. Backup and retrieval of data is more effective with virtual tape. And scalability is exponential with virtual tape. Virtual tapes are now the preferred solution for information lifecycle management.




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